Armstrong Mike 2019-05-12

Flight ID11345
GliderAIR - Atos VQ
ClubScottish Airsports
TypeOpen distance
Ridge LiftNo
Score65.09x1.00 =65.09
CoordinatesLat Long: N56.52741, W4.20850; OS: NN642394
Lat Long: N56.60306, W4.09561; OS: NN714476
Lat Long: N56.79643, W3.45139; OS: NO114681
Lat Long: N56.86690, W3.41803; OS: NO136759
Lat Long: N56.85780, W3.42753; OS: NO130749
InfoAfter aborting the plan to fly from Cairnwell Mountain due to risk of chairlift not running, we went to Ben Lawers where the wind was 90 degrees off the hill most of the time. A climb out straight from launch in a very rough thermal and we were on our way to land at Cairnwell Mountain, our intended starting point! Thanks to Callum Reid for the retrieve.
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