Armstrong Mike 2022-06-03

Flight ID 11893
Glider AIR - Atos VQ
Club Scottish Hang Gliding Club
Defined No
Launch 1
Type 1
Ridge Lift No
Score 32.23x1 = 32.23
Lat Lng OS
56.625201 -4.837018 NN260517
56.665961 -4.939655 NN199565
56.598961 -4.724252 NN328485
56.616635 -4.818443 NN271507
56.644377 -4.823777 NN269538
Info A very nice day at Glencoe Mountain Resort. Strong lift at cloudbase, struggling to remain clear, but those clouds built and spread, shutting down the lift long enough to deck us. Failed declared triangle.
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