• The login and forms are now linked. If you register it will allow you to have you pilot, glider and club filled out when you go to submit a flight, saving you a few precious seconds.
  • We now require an IGC along with the KML file. This is so we can check airspace with ease to stop a few people complaining. We are working on making out own KMLs so only IGC is required.
  • Custom tables, allowing you to make your own with the database, will make a separate thread to discuss this.
  • We now have a section to let you add some extra info for your flight if you wish to along with private info for the admins.
  • You can also delay publication until we look at / edit part of your flight as per your request.
  • Flights which will not count towards the UK league (i.e. flown outside the UK) can now be entered and will show in your pilot log. 

Little things like the tables layout, flight page layout have been messed with. We aren't perfect so please use the forum if anything is amiss.

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