Bell Bill 2017-08-26

Flight ID10828
GliderMoyes - RX3.5
ClubMalvern (Aerotow)
TypeOpen distance
Ridge LiftNo
Score52.18x1.00 =52.18
CoordinatesLat Long: N52.09020, W2.14810; OS: SO899435
Lat Long: N52.09204, W2.11891; OS: SO919437
Lat Long: N52.10549, W2.14523; OS: SO901452
Lat Long: N52.08819, W1.46505; OS: SP367434
Lat Long: N52.08104, W1.47535; OS: SP360426
InfoThanks to Richard Hunt for the tracklog from his phone tracker app, Bit of an instrument failure- main Kobo screen went (broken screen) before launch and & backup vario battery died after about 3 minutes... proper preparation prevents piss poor performance...
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