King Tim 2018-05-10

Flight ID10946
GliderAIR - ATOS VR18
ClubSky Surf
TypeOpen distance
Ridge LiftNo
Score133.40x1.00 =133.40
CoordinatesLat Long: N51.26658, W2.16836; OS: ST883519
Lat Long: N51.26752, W2.13683; OS: ST905520
Lat Long: N51.25850, W2.16404; OS: ST886510
Lat Long: N51.35084, W1.69769; OS: SU211613
Lat Long: N50.93087, W0.51648; OS: TQ043156
InfoGot home at 4am home from france due to rain and comp being canned It was a bit too cold at altitude and the shivering was too bad so flew into the sea near the south downs and warmed up a bit It was all a bit rough until then Keevil was open but they werent dropping anything
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