Carson Donnie 2018-05-12

Flight ID10948
GliderMoyes - RX3.5
ClubScottish Airsports
TypeOpen distance
Ridge LiftNo
Score107.46x1.00 =107.46
CoordinatesLat Long: N57.34903, W2.85660; OS: NJ485290
Lat Long: N57.46213, W3.09928; OS: NJ341418
Lat Long: N57.14091, W4.01024; OS: NH784073
Lat Long: N57.15411, W4.02749; OS: NH774088
Lat Long: N57.01540, W4.25713; OS: NN630938
InfoFlight from Tap O' Noth in Aberdeenshire. Lucky to get away after light unsoarable conditions before Sea Breeze came in and wind was off the hill. A thermal took wind onto hill again long enough for me to get off. Epic flight with amazing views of the mountains. As I said - really lucky!
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