Armstrong Mike 2018-05-16

Flight ID10956
GliderAIR - Atos VQ
ClubScottish Airsports
Ridge LiftNo
Score41.50x2.50 =103.76
CoordinatesLat Long: N56.66982, W4.92853; OS: NN206569
Lat Long: N56.59821, W4.71768; OS: NN332484
Lat Long: N56.71903, W4.74111; OS: NN323619
Lat Long: N56.66982, W4.92853; OS: NN206569
InfoDay started slowly and ended late. Not much in the way of cumulus markers till later. Once high, it was relatively easy to stay high, but cold, of course. While derigging, a big dusty came through the LZ, travel up the access road then caused carnage in the ski centre car park. Never seen one as big or as wide as that in Scotland.
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