Tregaskis Dave 2018-06-30

Flight ID11045
GliderWills Wings - T2C
ClubS E Wales
TypeOpen distance
Ridge LiftYes
Score36.31x1.00 =36.31
CoordinatesLat Long: N51.90184, W2.98757; OS: SO321230
Lat Long: N52.02399, W3.10394; OS: SO243367
Lat Long: N51.89842, W2.96715; OS: SO335226
Lat Long: N51.90629, W2.99348; OS: SO317235
Lat Long: N51.90291, W2.96725; OS: SO335231
InfoDeclared to near Hay Bluff and back. To many gadgets, and only uploaded to the XCtrack device. Ridge lift at times so not really time double time work scores. Won nearest the hedge and shortest walk landing awards.
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