Collins Nick 2020-03-03

Flight ID11441
GliderAIR - ATOS VR18
ClubMalvern (Aerotow)
Ridge LiftNo
Score11.81x2.50 =29.52
CoordinatesLat Long: N51.58340, W4.28692; OS: SS416896
Lat Long: N51.61080, W4.31141; OS: SS400927
Lat Long: N51.56556, W4.32499; OS: SS389877
Lat Long: N51.58340, W4.28692; OS: SS416896
InfoOK I used ridge lift to get the height, but look at the track, the majority of the distance of the triangle was outside of ridge lift. Hey! its not as if its a big triangle! It would be a mistake not to allow such triangles in my opinion because it allows pilots another incentive to push themselves and explore limits on what would other wise be a coastal site. There are many coastal sites where such explorations are worthy of publication and reward; not least an out and return which often requires dedication, commitment, local knowledge, research and not least of which patience. Also, often requires flying the route effectively 3 times because the launch point is not at the end of the run!
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