There will be a few changes to the site starting on the 1st of December. 

  1. ALL flights will require a 3D trace. After much talk we have been persuaded to change the rules of the league to allow only flights submitted with a trace that supports 3D coordinates as of the 1st December 2011. This is to create a fairer, policable competition for the new season. We are aware that not everyone owns a 3D enabled device, however the majority do, for the 2011 season 370 flights had a supporting trace while only 66 were manual entries - some of which came from pilots we know own a supported device. 
  2. Pilots will be able to roughly check their flights for airspace. After you have entered your flight details and clicked submit a few more pages will appear depending on the details of your flight, the first page that may appear is choosing the section of the flight you wish to submit. This will happen if your gps trace has a gap of more then 60 seconds between two points. This is to allow the system to detect defects in traces caused by gpss being left on after landing or the like, which could unfairly increase a score. Unfortunately this could also happen if a gps looses signal mid flight so we can be lenient if your bring it to our attention. You can view the parts on a map by clicking a link on the page. After choosing a part if necessary you will then be asked to choose the type of flight you wish to submit out of Open Distance, Out and Return or Triangle. The scores of each are shown with multipliers so you can choose the best for you. This page also contains a link to view your flight with an airspace overlay, while it is not perfect it will give you an idea and if need be you can use software such as SeeYou to properly check.
  3. New system to upload competition flights. After entering the BOS and CAC flights I thought it would be good for competition organisers to enter the flights for their comps. The system requires nothing more than a zip containing all the igcs and the details from compGPS. It will plot all the flights on a single map and allow you to enter then into the database.
  4. Load multiple flights onto a map. The tables have been modified to allow you to plot any flights you wish onto a map single, the old view for the tables still exists but I hope to move to the new form if there are no issues with it being like it is.
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