A quick rundown of this years winners, drum roll please....

Flex Wing:

  • 1st - Malcolm Beard 870 points
  • 2nd - Bruce Kavanagh 853 points
  • 3rd - Justin Needham 714 points 

Rigid Wing:

  • 1st Neville Almond 1308 points
  • 2nd Tim King 785 points 
  • 3rd Neil Atkinson 618 points

Clubs (top 4 pilots):

  • 1st Sky Surf
  • 2nd Southern
  • 3rd CAC

Clubs (all pilots):

  • 1st Sky Surf
  • 2nd CAC
  • 3rd Southern

Loxely Trophy: Keith Matthews

Bygot Trophy: Neville Almond

Longest Open Distance: Neville Almond 278.93km

Longest Out & Return: Neville Almond 129.05km

Longest Triangle: Bruce Kavanagh 97.73km

Trophies shall be awarded at the first BOS meeting of 2012. Also a quick reminder that as of this season all flights will require a 3D gps trace to be eligible for awards, 2D will be accepted for fun and unofficial scoring only.

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