Afer a great weekend for flying we have a new UK record and also a new entry to the top 10s

Firstly a very well done to Carl Walbank on his record breaking flight, still Neville is still holding the top spot in the league for open distance with the larger dog-leg and trip out to sea before landing.

Congratualations also to Tim King on a rather large defined out and return, putting him in a respectable 4th place all-time.

Hopefully we will get a few more flights in from the day and some more days like it as well!

Bug Fixes

  • Firefox and IE were not sending form data after asking for confirm for the last few days so if you entered a flight and got a never ending spinning circle of doom could you please enter it again.


  • Flight uploads will now keep you informed about progress, if the circle of doom has no text in it then something has gone wrong with upload, if the circle of doom has stalled for a prolonged period of time please tell us the stage it has got up to.
  • There is now the option to forgo triangle scoring if you believe it will not be a high score, this can dramatically improve the performance of the score calculator. We are constantly trying to improve the speed but accuracy must always come before speed
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