Seems like the weekend has been good for you guys! If you have been experiencing issues whilst uploading flights recently it is likely to be a browser issue,

  1. If the "next/right" arrow does nothing after choosing submit with igc or coordinates then please clear your cache and try again. Fixed, the problem was caused by some browsers automatically checking the igc button, this was not expected. The button is now always checked by default and should avoid any further problems.
  2. If you can get to the spinning circle and it says "flight was flown over a month ago" then please update your browser. The spinning circle of stuff SHOULD now be replaced by an error message if the browser is not supported rather than just spinning endlessly and causing confusion. I have been unable to get any of my browsers to reproduce the error so I am working blind on this.
  3. If another problem occurs I have broken it completely, please send me an angry email explaining how I am a fool along with any details about the issue. I have checked all the latest builds of all the major browsers under windows (IE, Chrome, FireFox and Opera) but there will be some combinations I have missed (For example I have no idea if any of it works on Macs or mobile devices). Once I have some free time I will try and make it more compatible again but for now exams are priority.
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