Very little has actually been edited, so I will give you a brief rundown on them.

  • The number of waypoints allowed in an out and return flight has been changed from 5 to 4. That is a start, 1 or two turn point(s) and a finish within 800m of the start.

That is all. these changes have been made as they better match the results given by GPS Dump which means everyone is on a level playing field no matter if they submit a track or not. The old rules, allowing 3 turn points, were originally lifted from the old NXCL site but was only used for 4 flights without supporting tracks. On another note the rules do allow for out and returns with 2 turn points and these are supplied from gps dump as the largest of either triangle or flat triangle however with a 3x multiplier triangles will always be optimal being submitted as a triangle. We hope this is acceptable to most if not all of you but if you have any doubts we are open to discussion.

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